C&K Johansen Automating 4-press Line with SpeedFeeder from AP&T

In 2007, C&K Johansen began gradually expanding an existing press into a complete 4-press line with a shuttle and three SpeedFeeders from AP&T. Three of the presses had been previously delivered by AP&T. The smallest one, at 250 metric tons, was completely renovated to meet the demands for high productivity and availability.

The company has now placed an order for another SpeedFeeder to complete the installation. This means the flow between the presses will be much quicker, and it will be easier to apply new parts in production. The new SpeedFeeder will also make handling of blanks easier. A double gripper was previously used which frequently needed to be exchanged in order to cope with several operations with the same feeder.

Part of C&K Johansen’s long-term strategy is to continue automating production.

“Efficient and flexible production with a high degree of availability for the machinery is a prerequisite for our continued competitiveness,” says Peter Møller, president of C&K Johansen AS Denmark.

C&K Johansen is a leading supplier of deep-drawn sheet metal parts in both long and short series to most industries. Some of the products formed by the company include brake components, engine parts for trucks and mountings and parts for farming machinery.
Delivery and installation of the last SpeedFeeder is expected to be complete by spring 2015.

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