Combination Hemming and Flattening Solutions from Wila

From: Wila

Time-consuming tool changes disrupt the production flow. That is why experts at WILA are continuously searching for solutions – and with success too! Combining WILA’s New Standard top tool BIU-051 with New Standard bottom tool OZU-083 makes it possible to bend and flatten without changing tools. Obviously, this solution will help you to save a lot of time by avoiding having to handle the sheet material twice.

More New Standard Flattening Techniques

At Wila, we also have additional flattening techniques, including spring-loaded bottom tools as well as hydraulically lifted hemming tables for high production hemming, including for thicker materials.

The process is the same as for other flattening tools, which make a 30-degree bend as a first step. The upper beam then retracts, allowing you to remove the sheet part.
The second step involves the upper beam coming back down and pushing the top tool deeper into the U-opening of the bottom tool. In the meantime, the flattening section at the front of the top tool continues to hang above the bottom tool, which allows you to insert the pre-bent sheet into the machine. The front surface of the top tool serves as a back stop, thus allowing the actual back gauge to be safely retracted. The hem is formed by flattening the acute angle of the part.

Ideal up to 1.5 mm Sheet Thickness

Depending on the selected tools, these New Standard tool combinations can process materials up to a thickness of 1.5 mm. However, they are particularly well suited for materials with a thickness up to 1.2 mm. Press brake technology never stands still at Wila. We enthusiastically renew and fine-tune our products on a daily basis, in order to realize even greater productivity benefits. Would you like to know more about Wila’s high quality productivity-improving solutions? We will always be pleased to offer you an in-depth explanation, technical details or a demonstration!

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