Fonon Technologies to Launch U.S.-Built Laser Product Line

New Wave of Systems to Cover 80% of the Manufacturing Market

Lake Mary, FL – Fonon Technologies — with the addition of 3D Additive Printing– now offers a complete line of industrial laser equipment, showcasing various models that will service some of the economy’s most important manufacturing sectors.

The launch — which ushers in one of the few complete lines of industrial material processing tools–will provide coverage to approximately 80% of industrial applications for the ever-changing manufacturing market in the U.S., offering a full-range of laser equipment for: Marking and Engraving, Laser Cutting, Laser Scribing, as well as 3D Engraving, 3D Additive Printing, and 3D Metal Sintering.

Proudly built in the United States, the new offerings will push the boundaries of nanotechnology within the manufacturing sector, with more precise laser spectrum, higher strength, lighter weight, and increased control, allowing for more flexibility in an ever-changing environment.

The new product line is aimed at increasing manufacturer’s productions speeds while lowering costs, making manufacturers more competitive in today’s global economy. The Fonon Technologies products range from smaller handheld systems to larger industrial-sized machines, covering most market-based needs with the diverse offering.

“This ensures no matter the size of the company or application, Fonon Technologies can provide an affordable system which is easily integrated into any production facility. We want to make sure that our customers are able to use the product as quickly as possible, creating maximum profitability,” stated company spokesman, Joshua Jones.

For more information, please contact Joshua Jones at:, or 844-44-LASER (52737).

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