Highest Productivity for Punching

Two new machines are expanding the TRUMPF punching line: the powerful basic machine TruPunch 2000 and the new productive high-end machine, the TruPunch 5000.

Ditzingen, December 09, 2014 – A unit with highest productivity and maximum flexibility – or a basic machine to ease entry into the world of automatic punching. With the new TruPunch 5000 and the TruPunch 2000, TRUMPF is expanding its range with two high-performance punching machines to meet differing requirements. The TruPunch 2000 manufactures a broad spectrum of parts at high productivity and great flexibility. Either as a stand-alone or automated machine, it is extremely compact and makes it easy for companies to enter automated production. The TruPunch 5000 offers numerous innovations. It is the front runner in questions of productivity, process reliability and flexibility and offers the complete selection of TRUMPF punching technologies. Depending on the requirements, the system can be automated to customer specifications, permitting the highest throughput capacities, especially in multi-shift operations.

TruPunch 5000 – the world champion made even more productive

Newly developed axis drives make the world’s fastest punching machine even faster. These drives increase axis accelerations and rotation speeds in the new TruPunch 5000 and, in this way, boost productivity. With a high-power hydraulic drive, it punches at up to 1,600 strokes a minute and marks at 3,000 strokes per minute. Smart functions ensure that every process runs reliably and without any trouble. This means that high power is translated into high throughput and productivity.

Thanks to retractable clamps, the entire sheet can be used, without limitations, for nesting parts. No longer do operators have to account for any clamp dead area. That economizes on material. In addition, the sheet can normally be worked completely without repositioning. This simplifies programming work and increases the accuracy of the parts. In addition to punching and marking, the TruPunch 5000 also provides many and varied forming options. The active die makes it possible to carry out especially high and large formings. What’s more, in combination with brush tables it assures superior quality.

The retractable clamps make it possible to work parts located in the clamp dead area without having to reposition the sheet.

The retractable clamps make it possible to work parts located in the clamp dead area without having to reposition the sheet.


To ensure that the new TruPunch 5000 can unfold its entire potential, TRUMPF offers extensive automation solutions, which the customer can implement, one step at a time. New is the ToolMaster Linear, a tool storage system that offers superior convenience in use and space for up to 90 tools. It is easily accessible and can be set up in advance, while the machine itself is at work. And, in comparison with the previous ToolMaster, it is even faster.

Tru Punch 5000

The new TruPunch 5000 sets new milestones in terms of productivity. In addition, thanks to a large number of innovations, it is even more flexible and reliable in operation.

TruPunch 2000 – High performance at an attractive price

With high axis speeds, short setup times and maximum stroke rate of 900 per minute when punching and 1,600 when marking, the TruPunch 2000 is regarded as the most productive machine in its class. It is based on a time-tested machine concept, is extremely precise in its work, which is one reason for the superior quality in the parts it makes. Thanks to 360° tool rotation and a large selection of high-quality tools, it can produce a broad range of parts. And when doing so it also conserves resources. Skeleton-free processing makes for truly effective material utilization while the energy-efficient hydraulic punching head with on-demand drive reduces both electricity consumption and noise. Thanks to a compact design, this basic machine has an extremely small footprint, even when automated. Together with the cost-effective SheetMaster Compact automation, TruPunch 2000 paves the way to automated punching processing.

Tru Punch 2000

The compact TruPunch 2000 paves the way to TRUMPF’s world of automated punching. It manufactures a broad range of parts, both flexibly and at high productivity – and is available at a very attractive price.

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