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The Benchmark in Bending Technology

WILA’s New Standard press brake tools are a leading benchmark in bending technology. Durable quality ensures consistent performance and the highest level of productivity in all sheet metal bending applications. There are 3 categories of WILA tool systems:

New Standard Tool Holders

Perfect Match with all Tools

New Standard Tool Holders make it possible to change tools very quickly. They form a perfect combination with tools in the New Standard Tooling range. Award-winning innovations like Safety-Click®, Smart Tool Locator® and the WILA E2M® system also make tool changes easier and safer.

New Standard Tooling

Tools for all Types of Bending Technology

WILA tools are available for all conceivable bending applications. The multi-faceted range of New Standard tools always guarantees you a suitable solution and maximizes productivity. These tools form a partnership with New Standard Tool Holders. Tools in the New Standard Tooling range can be used to bend sheet materials to practically any specification. And the exceptionally long life-span guarantees this level of performance over many years.

New Standard Components

Comprehensive Range of Accessories

This intelligent assortment of accessories for press brake tools helps to maximize flexibility. WILA offers an extensive range of extra components and peripherals, which are perfectly compatible with New Standard Tooling and New Standard Tool Holders. From non-marking protective cloth and Safety-Clicks®, to efficient tool storage systems: you will find everything you need at WILA.

Heavy Duty

Besides the standard assortment, the New Standard range also has a number of New Standard Premium tools and tool holders that have been specifically designed for the Heavy Duty segment. The top tool holders (Clamping systems) and the bottom tool holders (Crowning) are able to deal with a max. load of 800 T/meter in the New Standard Premium segment.

Naturally, tools needed to bend thick plate material are larger and more powerful. In order to realize the same level of safety, speed and convenience as tools featuring the Safety-Click®, the E2M® bearing system has been developed for both top and bottom tools.JB_20121004_wila_0108


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