Prevent Buildup from Bending Galvanized Steel with OZU-ZN from Wila

From Wila:

When bending galvanized steel the zinc from the coating can leave a buildup on the tooling, requiring the operators to have to continually clean the tools.  Leaving the zinc on the tooling can cause issues such as the workpiece being stuck in the tool as well as damage to the workpiece itself.  In addition to this the act of cleaning the tooling takes away from productivity.

Wila now offers the OZU-ZN, a specially developed coating, which is applied to all WILA CNC-deep-hardened bottom tools. This protective layer prevents zinc from depositing on the bending radii. Cleaning activities, which are a hindering factor, are thus a thing of the past.

Some users have been known to realize 100,000 runs with a single tool, without having to perform cleaning activities. This means a lot fewer hold-ups and a clear increase in productivity. In such cases, WILA OZU-ZN can certainly prove its effective properties in a short space of time.

The advantages:

  • No zinc deposits on bending radii.
  • Cleaning will be a thing of the past.
  • No lost time, thus higher productivity.
  • Considerably less chance of sheet damage.
  • Even longer tool life for bottom tools.
  • Sheet will no longer become trapped in the opening; a huge benefit during robot-operation.
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