Success for Prima Power at Euroblech

From Prima Power:

Participating prominently in the EuroBLECH exhibitions and prior to that in BLECH since 1980’s, Prima Power describes this year’s event as the most successful one ever for the company.

“Compared with major exhibitions during the past few years, there was a noticeable difference in the profile of the audience”, says Aki Ojanen, Vice President, Marketing and Sales. “There has always been a keen interest in new solutions, but this year gratifyingly numerous visitors had brought along well-defined, concrete investment plans.”

In terms of orders booked in connection with and at a single exhibition EuroBLECH set a new Prima Power record.

“We displayed a new-generation FMS with integrated punching, shearing and bending”, Ojanen says. “The decision to bring a manufacturing system to Hanover proved sound, as there is generally a high and increasing interest in systems, automation and software – areas where we are really strong.”

Among new products introduced the integrated punching – shearing cell Shear Brilliance was very well received due to its very high performance values, in part made possible by applying the latest in composite material technology.

In Prima Power’s TheLASER range, all new solutions on exhibit attracted wide attention: Laser Next, the new 3D laser system for automotive industry, the new version of PLATINO® Fiber laser cutting machine with improved performance, and Laserdyne 430BD for precision laser cutting, welding and drilling of 2D and 3D parts.

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