Wilson Tool Webinar: Perfecting Your Nesting Process

Do you dream of perfectly nested parts, that result in clean and accurate shapes while leaving almost no waste behind?

You’re not alone. While every fabricator understands the value of part nesting, it is always a struggle to nest parts in a way that minimizes waste and maximizes accuracy. And while a good nesting program takes time to create, the customer wants his parts fast.

“Finding the Right Fit: Perfecting Your Nesting Process”

Join Wilson Tool in this live webcast as we discuss the secrets to perfecting your part nesting process. Our interactive presentation will help your operation find its most efficient, cost-effective nesting solution. We will cover such topics as:

  • Tabbing (microjoints): common and less common uses
  • Combating “sheet shake”
  • Slitting
  • Avoiding “pinch points”

We will finish with fifteen minutes of Q&A so you can leave feeling confident taking this knowledge back to your shop.

Register Here

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